Writing a Review

Writing a Review
Writing a Review
It is really important when you are writing a review to make sure that it is really clear and has enough information in it to let potential customers know whether the item is something that they want to purchase. 


They want to know about your personal experience and so use examples of how you found it yourself. Do not write about how other people found it and what others have said but just concentrate on your own personal experience. It is important to make sure that you use good spelling and grammar in a review so that those reading it can easily understand it. It is good to discuss the good and bad things about an item. It can be tempting, if you have had a bad experience to only highlight the bad things and vice versa, but it is much more useful to provide a balanced review. Another person may not be interested in a specific feature that you did not like as it may not be something that they will worry about but they will want to know about other things. It is important, even if you did not have a good experience, to keep it polite. If you are abusive or insulting then this will make what you are saying look weak. It will make it seem that you are being negative due to hatred and bad feelings, rather than that you have a logical mind set and point of view. It is also important to provide specific details about what you like and dislike so that other people can understand more about it and why you liked or disliked certain things as well. 

If you want to go into a lot of detail then it can be useful to use subheading or bullet points. These break up the presentation and many people find this is more appealing to read than a big chunk of text. Use this to break down things that you liked and disliked and make sure that you explain your points. Saying something is too big is not useful, but saying it is too big for your pocket and therefore hard to carry around is more useful to the person reading it. Alternatively saying the display is good, is not that useful but saying the display is bright and sharp explains why you like it and allows the reader to understand why it is good. 

It is worth reading back through your review and imagining that you are considering buying the item. Does it have enough information in there to allow you to make a decision about whether you would like to buy it? Are the points well explained? Do you have the information that you need to understand the main features? Does it give enough opinion without being too personal and is it positive enough. Even if it is explained features that are not liked it is being put across in a logical and thoughtful manner without any tone of aggression or anger? 

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