Wholesale Dresses From China

Wholesale Dresses From China
Wholesale Dresses From China
There is a long-lasting prejudice about the tag ‘Made in China’. We are used to thinking about the things labeled this way as cheap and poorly tailored. In most of the cases that is true. A lot of us had an unpleasant experience, when you receive a package, open it up only to find out that the material used is not as good as you hoped it to be. Or the colors drastically differ from the model shown on the web, or the model itself is totally different. I am an often buyer from the Chinese clothing section and I had quite a lot of misunderstandings and funny situations with the packages I got, starting from ordering a crop top with a patch and getting one with a sticker and ending with absolutely different not only styles of clothing sent, but actually receiving shorts, whilst ordering a dress.


But despite all of my bad experiences, I continue to buy from the Chinese factories. And that is the main point. Of course, I had some bad choices, but all-in-all I am very happy with the clothing items I get. Firstly, a Chinese wholesale provides you with so many different options! No other market out there is able to do so. Secondly, the clothing items are not only a wide range of everything you can think of - you can come across unbelievable things, when your fantasy just goes ‘wow’. There is no way you could have come up with such a crazy design all on your own, but the Chinese tailors did and I am happy to praise their creativity by purchasing the item. Thirdly, and maybe that is the main point for a lot of people out there to start shopping at the Chinese wholesales - the price. Of course, you can find pieces that cost a fortune, like anywhere really. But most of the clothing is not just reasonably priced, it is cheap. And if you try hard to find a piece of clothing that you really like, you have all the chances to end up with a piece that is unique and affordable. It is so nice to have something special, especially when everyone around you is dressed in the some clothes from the nearby mass-market stores.

While having the experience of buying nearly every kind of clothing piece from Chinese wholesales (literally, everything, including accessories and winter coats), dresses remain my favorite object to buy. Whether it is for a once in a life-time occasion (like a wedding) or a casual dress for walking in the park - Chinese factories are the place where my ideal dresses are tailored. There are so many great manufacturers from Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Never heard about such a province in southeastern China? It is not a surprise. Though Guangzhou is the third largest city of China (after Beijing, the capital, and Shanghai) it has been lying under the shadow of these two giants. Moreover, it is not far away from Hong Kong and Macau. That is why a lot of tourists have never heard about this enormous city - they would rather spend some time in a famous and well-advertised place. Too bad. Guangzhou not only has a rich and interesting history, but is now emerging to be one of the largest zones of economic and technological development. It is in the middle of an industrial boom. No surprise, that a lot of wholesale dresses factories are situated here.

Only a few examples: Guang Zhou Juepell Fashion Company Ltd., Guangzhou Exbect Garment Co., Ltd., Sun Rise Garment Limited, Guangzhou Angel Bridal Gown Co., Limited the list is endless. These companies focus mainly on dresses, but the variety of other clothing they produce is fascinating.

Another impressive city of wholesale dresses producers in China is Suzhou in Jiangsu province. Situated in the East of China, not far away from Shanghai, Suzhou is a place with over a 2.500 years history and after the economic reforms began in the 70s it has also become an extremely fast developing industrial city, becoming one of the fastest growing major cities in the world. Here are only some examples of the dresses companies out there: Jessica Fashion Dress Co., Ltd., Suzhou Aoliweiya Dress Co., Ltd., Suzhou Huihai Sports Goods & Dress Co., Ltd. - and this is only the top of the iceberg.

China is not only a wonderful place to have a trip to, diving in to its history and traditions. Today it is one of the biggest (if not the largest) economies in the world with a fast growing and developing industrial sector, within which we, girls, can find a lot of amazing stuff for ourselves. Never bought any dresses from a Chinese wholesale? I suggest you first purchasing something that you can wear every day, a simple flawy, colorful dress, for example. Then when you are sure in the quality of the piece, continue with buying the staple dresses (such as the famous little black dress). You would be surprised, when you find a really refined one for a cheap price that will last for ages. 

Cocktail dresses for a party are next. Who doesn’t want to shine on their birthday or drag all of the guest’s attention on New Year’s Eve? You do not just need a simple dress. You need a unique one. And when you are buying from such places as a Chinese wholesale the chances that you will meet another girl dressed exactly the way you are - are close to zero. Mission accomplished. What is the most important dress in a woman’s life? Right, the bridal dress. You will be shocked by how many options the Chinese dresses market provides you. Of course, like in any other bride’s dress search, you would have to go through tens or even hundreds of dresses, before you find ‘the one’ (but maybe you’ll be the lucky one and find love at first sight, who knows?). The point is that you will be having the widest range of options possible. And, not less important, you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune. So, wonderful honeymoon, here we come! Good luck in choosing the perfect dress, whether it is one you would wear only once or an everyday piece, remember - your smiling face is what really makes the dress special.

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