Responding to Positive and Negative Reviews

Responding to Positive and Negative Reviews
Responding to Positive and Negative Reviews
These days it is really easy for customers to leave you reviews and the way that you respond to them can be equally important. It can be lovely getting good reviews and irritating getting bad ones, but you can change the impact that they have by the way that you choose to respond to them. 


It is really important that you come across well as these responses are the voice of your company. You need to remain friendly, positive and informative. Do not attack the person, even if they have been negative, it is important to show your concern and be helpful in trying to resolve their problems. If a post has upset you then it is best to wait to respond until you have had a chance to cool down or get someone else to write a response for you. It also worth showing that you understand the customer, even if you do not agree with them and show them respect in the answer that you give.

If the problem is a genuine one, then work to improve things for them. If items have not arrived or were not the quality that they expected then make sure that you do something about it. Ship new items or let them return them for a refund. Explain how this can be done and then make sure that you personally track the case and make sure that the customer gets things sorted out for them. If you experience ‘trolling’ where people are making unnecessary attacks on your or the company, then you will not be able to resolve the problems. However, sending apologetic responses will show that you care and do not want to make people angry or upset by what you do. 

It is as important to respond to positive comments as well as negative ones. People will be more likely to leave positive reviews if they think that they are being read and digested. Some people do leave reviews for the benefits of other customers, but they will all be aware that a positive comment is really good for your business and so it is only polite to show them that you appreciate that they have taken the time to do this. 

It can be possible to respond with a similar comment each time which will save you time and look consistent. However, it will look impersonal and may even be thought to be lazy, so it is best to approach each one individually. If potential customers have thought that you have not read reviews, then they may feel that you do not respond to them either and that you are not willing to make improvements or help those customers that are not happy. 

It is hard to stress how important it is to respond to reviews and to get your responses right. It is not difficult to find the right tone and approach and it could be extremely important for your future sales. It can be good to take a look at what other companies do and see whether you think that it is working. Do not copy them directly but take away ideas of what to do and what not to do and this should help you to be able to get a good start on doing this really well. 

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