Proven Weight Loss Tips And Tricks

Proven Weight Loss Tips And Tricks
Proven Weight Loss Tips And Tricks
With all of the information out there on weight loss ideas and tricks, it can be hard to establish what works and what doesn’t.  How do you know if it’s safe?  What can I do to make myself more aware of what’s going into my body?  Are there any quick fixes that boast a truth?  Well, for one, research ingredients to things.  If you want to attempt a weight loss supplement, choose something where you can recognize all of the ingredients, like hcg weight loss drops (I found this site in google for "Best hcg drops"), rather than something that boasts of pharmaceutical-grade fillers in order to get the job done.  What about diets?  It does the same way.  Find something that has a mixture of caloric reduction and food management, like the hCG diet protocol, instead of something that cuts certain things from your diet altogether.  But, if you are still looking for some tricks to implement, attempt these tried-and-true alternatives, and you will never go wrong.


Fruit Stash

It has been proven time and time again that upping your fruit and vegetable intake increases weight loss, it’s just a matter of getting it into your diet.  If you don’t enjoy cooking fresh vegetables, and you would rather have them out of a can, that is a good start.  A good idea with fruits is to actually stash some at your workplace.  Whenever you get that mid-afternoon craving to snack on something with your third cup of coffee, you can pull out an apple, or an orange, or a pear instead.  This will help you feel fuller longer, cut calories out of your diet, and ultimately get more of the wonderful nutrients your body needs in order to work at its most efficient, which helps overall metabolism.

Set Limits

There are some people that can be satisfied with a completely alternative diet (Absolutely low carb).  There are those people that can do without their favorite foods and keep on going.  But, there are those of us whose cravings shoot through the roof after day three of our newest diet fad.  So, what do those people do?  You would not believe the different avenues you can take that work with portion control.  Some people do it by plate size: whatever they can put on their plate is what they can eat once.  Some people use those 4 inch to-go trays, and whatever they can fill it with and successfully close goes with them.  What does this do?  It prevents your overeating habits which, in return, reduce your caloric intake while still partaking in some of the cravings that you want to indulge!

Avoid Your Liquid Calories

It is pretty much common knowledge, thanks to 2008’s sugar-drink panic, that drinks high in sugar contribute substantially to weight loss.  So, what can you do about that?  For starters, get rid of those sugary “fruit” juices.  If you want orange juice in the morning with your toast, buy yourself a juicer and squeeze it yourself.  Even with stuffing five oranges into a glass, you are still consuming less sugars than what you would find in a bottle of the grocery store kind.  Addicted to soda?  Start out attempting diet sodas, or even replace your soda intake altogether with carbonated, flavored waters and powdered drinks.  They are not there to ultimately depend on, but they are there to help kick those nasty cravings and withdrawals that you will ultimately go through.

Pitchers of Water!

When you finally get a point where you can let go of the soda replacements, or you just want a way to work more of that plain water into your diet, buy yourself a nice pitcher or carafe of water and fill it with your favorite fruit and vegetable blends.  Want something nice and refreshing?  Try pouring water over sliced cucumbers and mint sprigs!  Want something sweet to help you with those cravings?  Pour some water over various apple slices, or even a mixed berry combination.  Fruit-infused water not only helps with your blood sugar levels and your cravings, it also helps with your water intake.  And what does upping your water intake do?  It helps flush out all of those toxins, it gets your bowels back on track, and it hydrates your skin and organs so that they can clear themselves up and work more efficiently!  Can you say burning extra calories while sitting?

If You Do Snack...

...balance it out.  Want a serving of your favorite potato chips?  Measure it out, and then put it beside some sliced carrots or apples.  Want that yummy bowl of ice cream?  Scoop out a couple of scoops and then top it with fruit instead of those sugary syrups.  Need that chocolate fix?  Eat it with some yogurt.  This ensures that you get a little bit of what you need with what you don’t, and it makes sure that you do not overindulge and risk setting yourself back by eating the entire chocolate bar or the entire bag of chips.  Remember, dieting and losing weight is not about flying from one end of the spectrum to another, it is about finding your body’s natural balance and capitalizing off of it.

Skip Those TV Commercials

If you enjoy lounging around and watching television, consider recording your favorite shows and being able to rewind them through the commercials.  Those advertisements are usually packed with food and beverage commercials, and almost none of them are healthy options for you.  Watching food scroll across your screen can kick your hunger drive into overdrive, causing you to crave and want foods that may not have even been on your mind a second ago.  Imagery is a powerful thing.  Do not allow yourself to succumb to it and throw your plan off-kilter.  Reduce as much of it as you can, and one place you can start is by fast-forwarding through those commercials.

If you can abide by these tips and tricks, then you will be losing weight in no-time.  Some of these tricks are good for the long-run, some of these tricks are good for the short-term, and some of these tricks are good to implement with any lifestyle that you choose for yourself.  Everyone deserves the right to be healthy, happy, and energetic, and following these tips will give you just that.  Even if these tips are the only things that you do for now, you are in a better place than when you started, and that is the ultimate goal: to be better than you were before.

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