How to Sell Things on Facebook

How to Sell Things on Facebook
How to Sell Things on Facebook
Social media seems to be the way to promote things these days with all big business now getting involved in promoting things using it. This means that it is wise for all business, big and small to do it as well. The great thing about Facebook is that it is not costly to use either. 


To start with you will need to set up a Facebook page for your business and start putting a few things on it. You can set up a shop on there right away, it is really easy. You can link to products you have for sale on your website or other sites too. This means that it is really easy for customers to go form your Facebook page to buying your products. Obviously you want to fill in all of your business details as well, making sure that there is lots of information so that you can get across to your customers what you are like and what you sell etc. 

Once you have all of the basic work done, you can link form your blog page to Facebook so that any blogposts you write automatically get posted onto Facebook. This is easy to set up, but you will need to decide whether you want this to happen or not, it will really depend on what sorts of things you post on your blog and whether you think that they will be relevant. You can always post links to things manually if you would rather.

The next thing that you need to do is to get people liking your page so that your updates appear on their wall. You will need to therefore share it with all of your Facebook friends and ask them to share it and like posts when you put them up so that the posts you make get more exposure. Facebook will not put posts that you make on everyone’s wall anyway, it will do it more if they like and share though. It can also be useful to comment on relevant posts when signed in to your page so that your page name becomes more frequent across Facebook and it may even lead to people clicking through the name and looking at the page. 

Facebook do allow you to get more exposure using advertising. You can limit how much you pay per day or pay a lump sum to have your post showed to a certain number of Facebook users. You can select a target audience choosing country, age, gender and things like that so it can be set to your potential market. This can be expensive and there is no guarantee that anyone will click the advert let alone go on to buy something. It is probably best done with caution and using small budgets to start with. It is far better to try to get friends to share and encourage their friends to do the same, as well as family members. Many of them may be prepared to help you.



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