How to Battle Boredom while Traveling

How to Battle Boredom while Traveling
How to Battle Boredom while Traveling

Some people are natural-born travelers, with a feeling of wanderlust so strong that they can't sit still for a single weekend; some have to travel for work, and they get used to it along the way, and some simply prefer staying in their home, traveling only when they absolutely need to. No matter which category you may fall into, it's certain that nobody likes being bored when they are traveling, so let's check out some of the ways to combat it.


Get creative

There is nothing that can engage your mind quite as much as being creative. Bring along a sketchpad and pencil, your laptop or even an acoustic instrument, depending on how you are traveling. Get inspired by the new surroundings, the people sitting around you or simply by the motion of traveling itself. It can help you create interesting storylines, melancholic tunes and the shakiness of transportation can even bring something special to the lines in a drawing. This can be great when you are traveling alone, but also if you are with friends because then you can create things together or play creative games.

Catch up on work

There is no reason why those hours of transportation need to be wasted. You can use that time in a productive way by catching up with work, studies or even with friends and family. If you have access to the internet, you can answer e-mails, work on assignments or Skype with someone who you've been meaning to call for a while. If you get carsick easily, then listen to an audiobook or create audio notes for yourself to study from. You don't have to spend the whole trip working, but it is a good thing to do, especially if you are rushing to finish something up as soon as you arrive.


There is a phenomenon of people eating while traveling. We eat because we're bored, but how do we control ourselves and make sure we don't eat everything we get our hands on? One method is to pack a lot of very small snacks and precisely set the time when you can eat them. The pause between them can be as short as ten minutes if each snack is two pretzels or a quarter of an apple. Another method is to prepare the food on the go. Bring along a DIY sandwich kit and construct the thing on the spot. This might be a bit more work before the trip, but at least you will be keeping yourself busy for a few minutes longer.

Isolate yourself with sound

A lot of the time, we can hear something annoying around us. Whether it is the humming of the engine, crying of a toddler or general chatter, sometimes it's nice to isolate yourself from the noise. I always use my noise-canceling headphones from Australia to listen to my favorite album, a new episode of a podcast or even just to have some silence amongst all the commotion going around. Make sure you download everything you want to listen to onto your phone, so you can listen to it while in an airplane or underground.

Even if your favorite part of the trip is the journey itself, there's only so much time you can spend lost in your thoughts, and after a while, you will need some entertainment. Just in case entertainment isn't provided, be ready and bring your own. And if nothing works and you still end up bored, go old school and chat up the person sitting next to you. You never know when you're going to meet a great travel buddy!

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