Buying Guide: Vacuum Cleaners

Buying Guide: Vacuum Cleaners
Buying Guide: Vacuum Cleaners
If you are looking to buy a vacuum cleaner then you will have a lot of decisions to make. There are many different brands and models available at different prices and they do different things. You need to give some thought as to what your budget is and what features you are looking for before you buy. You need to be aware of what size you want, what types of floors you will be using it on and whether you like a bag or bagless version. Then you need to consider the main types and which you think will be the best. 


A barrel vacuum tends to have heads that can be exchanged and can reach easily under furniture but can be big and hard to store.  The flexible hose means that it is easy to get under furniture and into small spaces and they are easier to lift when doing stairs. They tend to hold a lot of dirt too so need emptying less often. It has been found though that they can be hard to manoeuvre due to the hose, they can block in the hose and they are not so powerful as an upright.

An upright is more powerful and therefore better for those with pets and thick carpets. Their cleaning heads are wide so it is quicker to clean floors and it is usually easy to change the setting from hard floor to carpet. You can use it while you are standing upright which is good for those with back problems.  However, it can be awkward for stairs as they are heavy to lift and is probably the most expensive type. The power can be so high that they can be hard t use on carpets with a high pile. The attachments tend not to be as good as those with the barrel vacuum. 

A stick vacuum is cordless so easy to use and easy to store but it has limited battery power and so may not be able to do a whole house in one go. They are also not as strong so are only really suitable for hard floors and thin carpets but the fact that they are cordless can make it easy to carry them around and use them without cords getting tangled or worrying about plugging them in.  They tend to only be bought as a secondary vacuum. 

A handheld vacuum is great for small spills or cleaning in awkward places such as cars but they tend not to very powerful and you have to bend to the floor to use them. They would usually be bought as a secondary vacuum for quick clean up jobs such as crumbs on a tablecloth. 

Lastly a robot vacuum could be an option but it is significantly more expensive and is really only suited to hard floors as it just cleans the surface. Although it is convenient, it may get stuck on cables and stairs but they are improving all of the time. They are not suitable for high pile carpets and are best on hard floors. They only hold a small amount of dirt and so should be emptied on each use.

Once you have thought about these types consider the features that you need as well. Consider whether you want extra attachments retractable power card, full bag indicator, adjustable head height or suction control. Also consider the size and whether you have enough room where you are planning on storing it.



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