Awesome Travel Gadgets for Any Type of a Trip

Awesome Travel Gadgets for Any Type of a Trip
Awesome Travel Gadgets for Any Type of a Trip

Travel has changed significantly in the past couple of decades – the technological marvels have managed to swoop in and completely change the name of the game; in the era of information, the amounts of data and accessibility are huge! Going at it completely gadget-free is a rare sight to be seen, and, although this way of traveling does have its own perks, moving around with some of the most awesome gadgetry at your disposal brings a world of ease to the table. Here are some traveling gadgets that are simply too cool to resist.



Let’s start with the most obvious one – the all-encompassing smartphone. Regardless of whether you have the brand-new iPhone, or a functional Android, an easy-to-use touchscreen smartphone goes without saying for any kind of trip. These devices are perfectly capable of a wide variety of useful travel-related things, such as helping you get around or find a place to stay using apps like Airbnb, and by allowing you to make phone calls. Of course, a durable, long-lasting battery is incredibly important, much more than a kickass processor or a bunch of gigs of RAM.

Power bank

No matter how amazing your smartphone’s battery life is, you’re going to need to charge it at some point, and if you find yourself inside a bus/train/airplane without the charger feature, well, you’re in for quite a ride; that is, unless you bring along at least one portable phone charger, or power bank. With this gadget, you can charge your smartphone, tablet, even your Bluetooth speakers and camera wherever you might find yourself.
The best part: these things are very cheap; so cheap, in fact, that some businesses have turned them into promotional material, low-investment freebies that everyone needs at some point.

Universal plug adapter

Even the world’s most expensive power bank needs charging in order to perform, and the main problem with doing this abroad is that your regular adapter might not correspond to the shape of the target country’s outlets. In fact, even when you’ve found the corresponding adapter, there are chances that it simply won’t fit. Bringing along an all-in-one universal adapter goes without saying for your travels, unless you want to end up having to beg someone to lend you one.

Quality noise-canceling headphones

Never ever go on a trip without noise-canceling headphones. If you don’t bring headphones on your travels, you are risking hours of long-lasting headaches (literally and proverbially). Unless you’ve never flown coach on an airplane, you are well aware of how annoying people can get – there is always that annoying kid nearby, and although you can’t really do anything about the little brat kicking the back of your seat, you don’t have to suffer through their screaming, yelling and crying, as well.
A quality pair of noise-canceling headphones allows you to play your favorite tunes, watch a movie and even go through an audiobook.

Smart suitcase

Maybe you aren’t aware of it, but every frequent traveler owns the smart suitcase. What’s so special about it? Well, in addition to the cool ability to charge devices using USB, it allows you to see its location on your smartphone!
If this is too much of an investment for you, you can always opt for making your suitcase smart by placing an affordable tracking device inside!

Other useful stuff

Here is a list of some weird, but cool travel gadget ideas:

  • Sun- or insect-repellent shirt – There are pieces of clothing that actually protect against UV radiation and repel insects!
  • Hoverboard – Using one of these devices is basically sightseeing made more fun and more efficient. For example, one awesome purple hoverboard offers up to 20km on a single charge!
  • Luggage scooter – While the hoverboard helps with sightseeing, the luggage scooter helps with, well, luggage.
  • Travel steam iron – Wrinkled clothes are no longer a unique travel problem. If you don’t like being all crumpled, browse for a cool small travel steam iron.

It is evident that the general focus of your travel luggage should be your smartphone, but there are many other cool gadgets that are fantastic additions to your time abroad. Pack your smart suitcase, and have a great time!

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