6 Most Exciting Locations for Sailing

6 Most Exciting Locations for Sailing
6 Most Exciting Locations for Sailing
These days, you can often hear that “we were born too late to explore the world, and too early to explore the space.” While mostly true, this claim ignores the fact that, although maps are already drawn, experiencing the world first-hand is as exciting as it was in the Age of Exploration. All ports in the world are uncharted until you chart them yourself. So, set your sails and head towards the horizon, there’s a whole world waiting for you out there. These are some of the most famous destinations you should start with.


Croatia – Hvar, Korcula, Dubrovnik

With its more than a thousand beautiful islands, Croatia is often called “new Greece” in the sailing circles. But that’s where the similarities end. Unlike Greece, Croatia’s coastline shows us what you get when you combine Slavic culture with a healthy dose of Latin influence. It’s vivid, playful, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Also, the Medieval city of Dubrovnik is featured very prominently in HBO’s Game of Thrones as a stand-in for King’s Landing, so if you are a fan of the show, there’s another incentive to visit Croatia.

French Riviera

French Riviera is a place that probably best captures what foreigners like to call “the European glamour”. Old European aristocracy, Hollywood bigheads, riches from all parts of the globe, and virtually anyone who considers themselves “high-profile” have all paid a visit to this extraordinary piece of French coastline. Beautiful nature, famous French wines, and Mediterranean jewels like Cannes and Marseille are more than capable to back up French Riviera’s glamorous reputation.


Zanzibar is very hard to describe. From the moment this Indian Ocean archipelago entered the pages of history, local Swahili culture came in touch with Persian, Arab, Indian, Portuguese, British, and many other cultures, and all these influences left a mark on this exotic piece of heaven. However, its exciting history is only a part of Zanzibar’s charm. Picture-perfect beaches and stunning turquoise waters are there to win over everyone who’s more interested in the goods of today.

Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands have to be one of the most frequently mentioned sailing destinations in the world. However, unoriginal as it may be, making a list of top sailing destinations without mentioning this archipelago feels like blasphemy. Stunning wildlife (the archipelago is home to a great number of endemic species), and fascinating nature make Galapagos Islands an obligatory entry on these kinds of lists.

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Whitsunday Islands are one of the prime Australian holiday spots, and given the fact that Australia is crowded with exotic holiday locations, this should be taken very seriously. Whether you are going to spend your time on the Hamilton Island, snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef or sunbathe at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world is completely up to you. Just remember, bird control in Australia is a fairly common thing, as such areas are always full of seagulls.


Saying that Cuban history was rocky would an understatement. But, ironically, all that struggle and uncertainty helped Cuba become one of the most interesting countries, filled with some of the most charming people in the world. Finally opening to the world, but still stuck in the 60’s, Cuba is a paradise for all the people longing for some older and simpler times, stunning Caribbean nature, good rum, even better tobacco, and soul-soothing tunes of Buena Vista Social Club.

These were some of the most vivid, exotic, and interesting sailing locations on the planet. But remember, they are only a tiny portion of what this world has to offer. As long as you have an adventurous spirit, there will always be new places you can explore.

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